Automatic wall & Floor openings


i am working on a script that allows me to create Openings Family at the intersection Point of walls and Floors.
It somehow can create openigs only in walls that are oriented in X-direction but doesn’t work if they are in Y-direction.
I am attaching Dynamo script and voids file which has to be linked in the new revit Project and Opening families for walls and Floors.
1303-0032A-__-VOIDS_AG.rvt (1.5 MB)
Dynamo-durchbrueche-fortgeschritten_TM.dyn (50.0 KB)
a_void_Wände.rfa (476 KB)

a_void_Geschossdecke.rfa (388 KB)

Hi @r.chowdhary. Could you please post a screenshot of your script and your Revit model? Will make it easier to eventually spot the problem :smiley:
Regards Kenneth