Problem with Orchid-Installation

Hi I am using:
Revit: 2020
Dynamo: 2.1

I have downloaded and installed all the Orchid version, but none of them work, when i open dynamo it keeps on showing just the “about” line. What might be the problem? Why can’t I install it?

Did you download it via github or via the package manager in Dynamo?

I have downloaded from here

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Update your Revit, 2.3 is already there for Revit 2020

I don’t find the updates on my revit account, i have a student licence. Don’t know if that’s the issue…

I have a similar problem. I downloaded and installed it. But I can’t any nodes from it. Any ideas how to fix this issue?


Suggest lodging it over on the author’s github, they don’t use the forums that much:

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Thanks Gavin!! I think the problem originates from the fact that Orchid is directly installed in drive C (for me, at least).I can choose where to install the Orchid samples, but not the orchid package itself. I tried several times, but it wouldn’t install in the designated folder where all other packages are. I had both Revit 2021 and 2022 in my PC. So, I don’t know if that has caused this issue. This happens when I use Github files for installation. When I install it through Dynamo, the package and the “about” node appear in Dynamo.

Use the zipped method that Orchid is also giving you. Just unpack the package where you would normally save your packages.

There is a bit of documentation on it in the .md on the github.

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