Orchid Package not loading in Dynamo for Revit 2020

I can’t seem to get the Orchid package to load into dynamo. I tried with the Exe file and the anti-virus stops me trying to run the .exe but did this anyhows, but the package was no where to be found so i downloaded all the files and dropped first into roaming. and got nothing, then into our packages location and set the package path to the main folder… still nothing, copied and pasted all the bin folders etc from the Dynamo Revit Core and Dynamo Revit folder into the upper level folder this found some duplicates. but it did finally give me the package but only the core tab and not any of the Revit tab so that idea failed. Then tried what can be seen on the screen shot and still not getting anywhere when if i look at the folders at a higher level.

Anyone had this issue and solved it.

Personally i find exe files unhelpful as they require admin rights to install and don’t always like to run because the computer thinks you want to change something on the system, verse just placing the folders in the right places.

Best to ask on the package’s GitHub page as that is now where Orchid is supported. :slight_smile: