Problem with Modifying Text Size (Revit not create a duplicate of new type size)

Hi All, I hope somebody would give a response to this and appreciate a lot.

My first attempt to modify the text size is successful in the first place. However, it seems to be Revit did not automatically create a duplicate of the text size input on the type properties.

My expectation on this was on the below reaction:

  1. Revit will modify and place the new input of the text size from Dynamo (Successful)
  2. Revit will create a duplicate and name the text size according to the new input (Unsuccessful)

Dynamo Script|690x237

Thank you guys :slight_smile:

You need to use a ‚ÄúDuplicate‚ÄĚ type node after you retrieve the ElementTypes. Duplicate node will ask you about the type name of the new text type (13MM). Only after duplicating and renaming the new type, you should adjust the Text Size parameter (right now you want to change parameter first and then duplicate it, which is not the correct sequence).

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Hi Habdirad,

Thank you for the quick response on the sharing. I could not find the ‚ÄúDuplicate‚ÄĚ type node as you mentioned. Is it comes from the packages ? If yes can I know the name of the packages. Subsequently on the workaround, I was thinking to duplicate the new text size before run the dynamo script but its clearly defeat the purposes of why I am using Dynamo to tackle the problems

yes it is from a custom package, you can try one of these:

Hi Habdirad,

Thank you for the clarification. I prefer to use the clockwork packages based on the use popularity among the dynamo user.

Anyway, I have successfully get an output based on the new input of the element and my intention was on the creating of 3 differences text sizes ( 11,12 & 13mm).

However, I could not manage to get it in match between the new element types and text size. It somehow not communicate for the mapping.

What I got in the return was on below:

  1. 2.5mm (By default in Revit) = 13mm (Text size)
  2. 11mm (Newly created type from Dynamo) = 2.5mm (Text size)

It was not an errors at all. Appreciate again if you could highlight the ways in getting those done. Hopefully we could benefits the other Dynamo user too :smile:

This was the output in Revit . Revit do not match the new type & text size

You should connect the output of the ‚ÄúFamilyType.Duplicate‚ÄĚ node to the element input of Element.SetParameterByName node. Simply said, you want to adjust the size of the types you create (not the existing type).

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Hi Habdirad,

Thank you a lot on your thought. Now the script work well and achieve my objectives. Thank you again buddy :slight_smile: :grin:

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