Is it possible to manipulate text size

Hi there,
I am fairly new to revit and dynamo but I am trying to make a family but the text size must be changable (preferably with a parameter). Is it possible to do this in dynamo?

Thanks anyway

If the size of the text is already controlled by a paramter (which is something that should solely be done in Revit) what you want is a piece of cake.
Dynamo has the Element.SetParameterByName which has everything you want for it,it generally speaks for itself how it works.
If you want to learn Dynamo I’d advice you to check out the primer: .

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So did it help?

What I did is kind of beating around the bush but it works.
I made a family with different texts with different sizes and controlled there visibililty with dynamo. It is not exactly what I wanted but it kind of works.
Is there a easier / faster way to do it?

I think the solution lies with being able to set the text size via a parameter in Revit, but that might be a question for the Revit forums.

I asked on a Revit forum but they said it was not possible because text is a system family and you can’t control them.

But the solution works. Thanks for the effort.

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