Problem with list phases


I’ve a problem with the node List phases (package phasing stuff of andydandy)… Always I have an empty list…

This node worked fine with revit 2014 and dynamo 6.3, and since I downloaded revit 2015 and dynamo 7 it doesnt work… Any ideas please?

Thank a lot.

Since this is one of my packages I should probably respond.

Dynamo 0.7 has brought about some changes in the way Python nodes access the Revit API. There are still a number of open issues regarding the migration of custom nodes to the new version and I am waiting for them to be resolved before I start migrating the bulk of my packages (I just don’t have the time to look for workarounds every time I hit a brick wall). If you want to have a go at it yourself, have a look here - and good luck to you:

I found something … Thank !