Node doesnt process more than one element

I am trying to generate elevations for more than one marker. the node doesnt process lists and lacing or levels doesnt seem to help??

i hacked it together with some list cycles and chops…

no need to cycle if you use the @level feature of Dynamo.

which results in:

dunno why its not working in mine. Revit 2021 Dyanmo 2.6 current packages…

ah well - the Rhythm node works. the Dynamo>Revit one doesnt. I wanted to use the base one because Rhythm hasnt been updated in a while and i want this node to survive a bit.

Oh, I had forgot there was OOTB versions of my nodes coming out.

Also, I am not sure what you mean here,

I do update the package and it is maintained to the newest versions of Dynamo. So this statement seems inaccurate. If you don’t want to use custom packages that is understandable, but “it hasn’t been updated” is incorrect and misleading.

As a matter of fact the last update I released was a little over a month ago. That seems recent to me. :rofl:

What is kind of a bummer with using the OOTB one over the Rhythm node is your users will not have access to it in any version but 2021. So if you wanted your graph to work on Revit 2020, it won’t.

forgive me i must have missread something…i was going through all the newest packages and i must have mixed up!

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No worries! Glad you got it sorted though. :+1:

i appreciate it…also we love your packages and appreciate your work. many of my colleagues use your nodes as well and as no2 company only to my friends at Gensler want you to know.

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