Obsolete File Error Right version Right Package?

I started newly to learn Dynamo,firstly i need explain this issue :slight_smile: i have problems about the uploading packages in the right version.

I m using Dynamo 1.2.0 in RVT2015, i m facing many times with this above error , ''This node is working in ''0.6.3 ‘’
you could not open in 1.2.0

Q: are there any list or list manager for management of the packages and version in true Revit?
Or why could not upper versions work for previous package nodes.?

Remove the Turn Into List package from your C:\Users\Nurulla Isik\AppData… location. Clockwork 1.x includes this node. The problem is you may have downloaded a package that had a dependency on the old version. Bakery is a major one that has this issue.

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thanks for advise , it works