Problem with export of polygon in svg file using illustrator package

Hello everyone, i’m trying to export the boundaries of the rooms from Revit via dynamo in svg file to import it in Microsfot Power Bi. The problem is that the geometry visualized in dynamo is correct but, when i import svg in power bi, it is not anymore. I tried to manage the scale but it didn’t work. Does anyone have the same problem?

Hi Andrea, welcome :wave:
Please check out How to get help on the Dynamo forums
If you posted a screen shot of your Dynamo workspace we can understand where the issue might be
What have you tried so far?
Have you searched in the forum?
Aussie BIM Guru @GavinCrump has a two part youtube tutorial as well here

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It’s almost guaranteed a computer region issue (half the comments on my video are about this).

For some reason a lot of European countries decided it’s better to use commas than decimals which causes a lot of issues for some file types unless they are written with region specificity in mind. Svg files fall victim to this which usually exhibits the issue you are showing.

The only two solutions I know of are:

  • Move to a country that uses decimals (just joking…)
  • Change your region settings in windows

I have to assume this all comes down to the way the illustrator package writes the files raw, as some programs handle this in different regions without the same issue.

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A third solution is to export the data with an invariant culture code, but this would require building your own exporter.

And some countries in Asia use a comma to group digits into sets of four, and other times they use a decimal to group them into sets of four, and other times they only report numbers in scientific notation… to make matters worse they use the metric system to boot!

This is just something which developers need to account for when building tools, for better or worse, as the way we format data isn’t consistent no matter how many ISO standards are put into place. Exporting and importing with the ‘invariant culture code’ is always recommended.

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