Problem with Dynamo 1.1.0 start

Problem with Dynamo 1.1.0 start?

I installed Dynamo 1.1.0 and
it will report if it thinks some other addin is going to cause Dynamo

Program will be twice this message

and once this

Then starts Dynamo.

Thanks Erkki

@Erkki_Karjalainen - Do you have any other addins installed? Can you also provide us with your OS, Revit version, and if you have Dynamo Studio installed?

@Sharad_Jaiswal - Can you take a look at this please? Let us know if we need to file a task for this.

FYI @Zach_Kron

@Racel I post same issue on github.

I hope I can get answers so that I can install 1.1.0 and run it with new features.

@Hyun_Tak - Do you have any other addins installed? What happens when you remove the EnergyAnalysis package like @Yu_Ke suggested?

I have WIN
10 , Revit 2016, and i dont have Dynamo
Studio installed?

Add Ins are
CADtoEarth, Advace Steel Extension, Omnia Revit, STL Exporter, COLORIZER,
Autodesk Seek, BIM ONE and Export/Import EXCEL.


Thanks. I took out ‘energy analysis’. But still 1.1.0 has error notifications.

I dont have any other addins installed.
How i can remove the EnergyAnalysis package.
Otherwise, the same problem was already Dynamo with 1.0.
T Erkki

@Erkki_Karjalainen Not sure if you have done this, but to see if the Eenergy/Analysis package is downloaded for you click Packages, Manage Packages… If it is listed then click the “…” control at the right and Uninstall… You will need to close Dynamo and Revit to fully uninstall the package. Are there other Packages listed as well? If so, what are they?

Energy / Analysis package is not downloaded, and same problem continues …
Thanks to EK

try removing all other addins to see if Dynamo can start.

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Now i removing all addins and then Dynamo start OK
Thanks EK.


I installed the same all addins back to Revit 2016 and start-up problem caused FINALCADCOLORIZER.msi add-ins.

Thanks EK

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