Dynamo 1.2.1 and Revit 2015 error on opening

Hello, guys

I am trying to use Dynamo 1.2.1 along with Revit 2015 (Update Release 14) and I can’t even open it. Please, find attached the error message.

I googled it and didn’t find anything related to it.

Any guesses?




Hi @Eduardo_Tavares

I think it’s not supported for 2015. Read here:

Hello @Kulkul

When I installed Dynamo 1.2.1 the installer gave me the option to check Revit 2015 so I’m guessing it is supported. Besides that, my customer has been using it for a while.

Maybe not being supported is not the issue.


Sorry i don’t have 2015 not able to confirm. Someone will help you.

CC: @Michael_Kirschner2

1.2.1 was the last version of Dynamo which 2015 supported. Sadly, I also don’t have Revit 2015, as that isn’t supported anymore (we go back 4 versions in general, so 19, 18, 17, and 16). As such the easy solution is likely to upgrade to a supported version of Revit.

As a first test, try Revit 2016+ and see if 1.2.1 opens from there. This will narrow down if it’s unique to 2015 or not. Then try a later Dynamo build in the same later Revit version (say 1.3.3 in 2018). This will rule out the Dynamo for Revit 1.2.1 install.

Then try to open in sandbox mode and see if there are issues with that. This will rule out a Revir interaction.

Next, in Revit 2015 disable all add-ins and post your log files from Dynamo so we can review in greater depth.

The quick nuclear option from there may be to, uninstall all versions of Dynamo (core and Revit), and start clean installs from 1.2.1 and up.

Thank you, Jacob and Kulkul! I didn’t manage to make it work. I had to downgrade to 1.2.0 then it worked. Thanks