Problem with Curve Point At Parameter and the newest version of Dynamo

Hi :slight_smile: At the outset I would like to apologize for my english. For several days I’m learning Dynamo and I have a few problems. I learn from the tutorials DynamoBim and I have problem with Advanced Tutorial: Unit 2 Family by Point Part 1. I inclose my script: Program

1 problem: I don`t know why it not work. I try this many times. When I try to use flatten to connect code block and curve point at parameter,

I show one point but I should see point in array. Could you tell my what is wrong in my script? In addition I have two problems. I`m actually working in version 0.8.2 because when I use the newest version I have a following problem: 2 problem: I use code block to draw two point and then I draw line through these the two points. When I delete code block with this formula line disappear but point still shows. Why? 3 problem: So I use version 0.8.2 because in this version is not this problem. Unfortunately in version 0.8.2 search of library is very slowly. Why ? I would be very grateful for your help :slight_smile:

Hi Karol,

Answer 1: You need to change your lacing for “Curve.PointAtParameter” node.

Answer 2:

Answer 3: What is your system configuration? Try running Dynamo 0.8.2 in Manual mode (Before Running manual mode restart your revit) Good Luck!

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Hello KAROL SIEMIENIEC, Either you can follow the approach mentioned by KULKUL or you can follow the below approach. The main issue in your script is because of the “Select Face” node return type. It will always return a list with the single item, so you need to extract that single item from List and then proceed with your normal workflow. Here is the another approach.

Thanks, Ritesh


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Hi !!!

I try your advices and it works!!! Thank you very much :slight_smile:


Jak potrzebujesz pomocy w ojczystym jezyku to zawsze mozesz zapytac mnie. :slight_smile: Wyglada na to ze reszta chlopakow sie toba zajela tym razem. Powodzenia!


Czesc :slight_smile:

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Karol :slight_smile:

Wesołych Świąt i powodzenia! :)


However, I have still problem number 2. Description of the problem:

  1. I draw one point:













  1. I draw second point:













  1. I draw line connect these points













  1. I delete code block and points don`t delete.













Why? When I draw all coments in one moment, points delete but if I do this in sequence it not work. When I save this project when I delete code block and I see still points and open it, points are delete ;\


KUKLUM Dziękuję bardzo i wzajemnie :slight_smile:

This last one looks like a bug. Can you consistently re-create this behavior? If yes, then i would post this to a Dynamo github page:


Yes. Every time this happens and my friends also.

Hello All,

We are aware of that problem and it is getting tracked internally.


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This is very haelpful @Ritesh_Chandawar