Type parameter into element parameter

Hey community,

Is there a way to transfer a type parameter, which is locked, into an element parameter for ALL objects in revit?
fig. 1 represents what I want to do (transfer “CCSTypeID_Type” from a type parameters to “CCSTypeID_Type1” element (object) parameter. But it has to be for ALL the objects in the model, not a specific type or family)
“CCSTypeID_Type” parameter is “locked” to display only in the type parameters.


You can start by trying to get and set parameters and see what happens:

See also Element.SetParameterByNameTypeOrInstance and Element.GetParameterValueByNameTypeOrInstance nodes from Rhythm package, as well as what’s exposed in the Dictionary if needed.

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Thanks a lot, it did solve the problem!

Before that I was using Element.GetParameterValueByName node from Revit package, which could only read parameters from the instances, not the types.