[Problem] Random Z instance offset from a sequence of points on a curve

Hey there guys, i started using Dynamo yesterday and i’ve been having some troubles with this, i hope you can help me out a little bit, here’s the deal: According to the official tutorials i have some points distributed along a curve, what i want to do is an instance of those points and offset them in the Z axis randomly (just as i show in the photo with red, pro photoshop skills right? haha), so how could i do that? i cant’ find a way to instance those points, the goal is to have timber elements at each point position with variable/random height, and i was hoping to do so via connecting lines from points “A” to points “B” with a line.byStartPointEndPoint node But of course i’m open to tips or any help, thanks in advance guys!


“Math.RandomList” is always a great option. You can use that to build a vector and then add that vector to each point: