Offset Curve


Hi, I am new to Dynamo (I have experience with grasshopper but I am trying to simplify my work flow).




I am attempting to offset a curve in both directions to create radial ceiling slats. I have gotten everything to work as expected except the offset distance. The offset distance is inaccurate. I have attached a z-axis to the normal for the offset and have tried several other approaches including defining the vector normal for offset and nothing seems to work. Any suggestions?




Chris D.


That's great. I'll make a note of it. Thanks.


Pushed fix to master. Thanks for pointing it out and do not forget to remove "* 2.0" node after getting latest build!


you are right: as code internally uses Revit API method CurveLoop.CreateViaThicken that offset is halved. If I fix the bug, existing dyns will need updating.


I am trying to create a radial ceiling grid and the offset to define the grid is inaccurate. I was able to get an accurate distance but I had to multiply the offset by 2 to get there.


Could you please post your dyn and image of the result? Thanks.