Offset command Gone wrong


Greetings everyone, I am trying to offset these model lines using dynamo , if you see in the picture even though I have inserted the same distance as an offset variable yet there is a model line that is going in the wrong direction ,
Any idea how I can fix it ,
also sometimes when I use select a curved model line the line is drawn shorter than the original one
Thanks a lot

There are probably other posts about this too.

TL;DR use another node from a different package the OOTB one is faulty.

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Alien Thanks a lot for the help , I have read that there is (Curve.SmartOffset node from Wobmat package) from the post you have provided me I will try it , have you tried it before ? or do you have a specific node I can use

I use various ways depending on what I am doing.
Sometimes I convert to a polygon and offset that then explode it (but that extends or shrinks the lines and you may not like that.

There’s also an offset for lines in the spring nodes package.

Failing that try try offsetting using vectors.

Can’t express my gratitude Alien , Thanks mate problem solved

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Cool, glad I could help :sunglasses:

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