Random points within a given range from original curve

Hey there! I’m trying to create pseudo random points perpendicular to surface that go from a range of 0 to 100 centimeters from the original curve (to the outside) so I can generate a surface. Right now I created the points I want to randomize but no luck with the last part. Do you guys have any suggestions?

Just to make sure I understand correctly, are you ‘roughing’ the original curves by projecting your control points further away (on the XY plane), or are you trying to create a topology on the Z-axis?

I’m trying to project them on the XY plane

I have a school project (Architecture school) and I’m trying to do a new twist to this but I got stuck at the “3. Generate random points that are perpendicular to the original surface” because I want to delimitate a range from the original curve to the pseudo random points

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This should provide you with some direction …

fins.dyn (42.3 KB)


You are the greatest!! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
What is your dynamo version?

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Hello, I’m sorry to bother you again but could you please take a picture with zoom so I could see the node’s names? My dynamo is in revit 2019 and I can’t open the dyn file because it says it’s corrupted.

Sorry, didn’t notice. Rectified in the post above

Since there isn’t a Revit dependency, you could download Dynamo Sandbox from here. A recent daily build should solve the version issue

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