Peference Points - List Management Question

I think this is a simple question but I’m probably overthinking (classic me)

I have a grid of points in the x&y but I’m using a random tool for the Z. The result i’m getting is many points at each x&y coordinate. What I want is (x,y,random)

is this possible with my current dynamo setup.







thank you very much,


I believe the easiest way is by making vectors first and then using them in a “Point.Add” node together with the points.


You need to ensure that the length of the three lists is the same.

In your case, I think, you need to change the value fed into the number port of your Sequence.RandomNumbers node from 16 to 4

You also need to change the lacing on ReferencePoint.By Coordinates to Shortest



Thank you for your help. ‘Point.add’ is what I needed.