Problem of familyinstance in Revit

I am trying to import the obj geometry to Revit as an instance. I adopted SpringsNode, and it worked well in Dynamo. Yet the shape of geometry was changed a lot in Revit, as shown in the figure below.

In revit, the property displays the right shape, but the object becomes strange in the window,
Here is my Dynamo script and the obj. file.
block_mesh.dyn (14.5 KB)
I shared the obj file by google drive because it is not supported to be loaded here.
I really appreciate any help. Thanks a lot.

what are your units set to in revit?

Dear Michael,
Thanks for your help.
Here is the unit setting in my Revit project. unit
Is there any problem about it?

I think your unit values in dynamo may be too small, try scaling it by 100 times. Are the dimensions as you expect in revit?

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Hi @xiuchengyang

If my guess is right it is because of Thin Lines.

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It works well now. The scale really exists some problem. After scaling it by 1000 times in Dynamo, I get the right dimensions in Revit. So it is a normal setting to scale 1000 times or there is a similar unit setting in dynamo.
Thanks very much for your advice.

By this way, it works well now. Thanks very much for the help.