Problem exporting to an excel template

Dynamo version : 1.3
BumbleBee version : 2017.13.2
Hello Dynamo poeple !
I’m havin a problem with the Bumble bee package. I can’t get my data to be exported on my template. My script is supposed to make a copy of the template file to my excel file destination and then write the data on the copy . The first aprt of the script works fine but the writing part dosent work. All i get is a copy of my template in the destination folder .

You’ve not shown all your script but have you made sure that the number of sheet name entries matches the amount of data entries?
That’s a common error with BB.

Thank you @Alien for your reply.
I couldnt show the entire script because its long and i couldnt upload multiple screenshots in one post because i’m a new user ! But i can show you the final data i want to write to excel ! I must tell that the dta is written properly but without the template usint the export to excel dynamo node ! I checked on my tamplate and i have one sheet and i want that sheet to keep the sheet name for my excel file !
Thanks in advance !

I’ve just figuered it out ! I just had to convert my data to string via the string from object node !
And it worked out ! Thanks again @Alien for your time

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