Exporting Data to Excel not working

HI all,
I am trying to export some data from my model to an excel file. The excel file is a template an the sheets are all pre-named (in this case AssetEquipment) and i owuld like to export the data to this sheet starting in Column C, second row (C2)

I have been trying to use Bumble Bee (Bb Data and Write Excel) but they are returning null values and i am not sure.
I am using Excel 2016
Dynamo Core
Dynamo Revit

Can you try using the regular excel node to see if this is an excel issue?

HI Jacob,
Yes, i can use the standard Write to File, the issue there is that it deletes the sheet in the template file. I cant do that. All i need to do is populate and existing excel file, not delete the existing sheets and headers. Apparently the Bumble Bee nodes will do this, just not for me :slight_smile:

OK, so managed to work this out. It seems i had some conflicts with other / older packages. I did an un-install, install and it works like a champ now.
So, lesson for young players, make sure your packages are comparable and up to date.

Happy Days

Yes that is true. This is why I used to write to a ‘raw data’ sheet and refer the ‘printing’ sheet to the values in the cells there.