Problem custom node automatic dimension

Hi all,

A week ago or so I created a working script, with some help, to automatic dimension the exterior of walls.
Since I want co-workers to be able to simply use the script I turned it into a custom node.

But since I have done that the script says it made the dimension, however the dimension is not created in my view. Can anybody explain this to me. Do I need another step to make the custom node work?

Thanks again in advance!

Wrapping a function in a custom node can sometimes change how Dynamo handles the input lists. Within the graph, the wall selections are executed separately but at the same time node by node, this results in multiple reference planes that can be dimensioned. When you wrap everything up in a custom node the walls get handled separately. Essentially your node is only getting part of the information it needs to execute properly. You’ll need to make some changes to allow your node to take lists of inputs.

This is the likely culprit, and because you have nested custom nodes dependencies are going to be an issue.

Having coworkers utilize the graph as a graph via Dynamo Player may be the better option here.