Dimension from grid to column or wall

Hi All,

Was trying to create custom node, want wall, column beam dimension form grid.

can anyone help me please its little urgent

You haven’t posted the python script.

Sorry, no clue on python just recognised its python behind that. I have created this from YouTube video. can you help me with it

If you could right click on the Python node, it will open an editor where there will be codes. You can share that here. Or you can simply share your Dynamo file so its easier to get help. Can you do that?

Thank you @rab_i here is the image

Dimension of Column to Grid.dyn (3.6 KB)
Image and script both attached.

I am not sure where to begin with this. You are asking something while you are sharing something completely different. From your original post, it appears to me that you are looking for a tool that can put dimensions for Walls, Beams, or Columns from Grid lines. You have found tools that creates dimensions but not the way you had expected. Am I correct in my trend of thoughts? @sps.25788

Perhaps you will get more help if you show us what you have done so far. There are many examples in these forums which should help you learn how to put dimensions automatically. Please help us understand your objectives so we can help you learn Dynamo. Objectives as in are you trying to learn vs are you looking for a tool that you can simply use?

@rab_i I was looking for script to give automatic dimension to all grids, grid to wall, grid to beam and grid to column. On the internet i found video which shows the script that i have shared in my first post. After some days i have realised that the video posted with half information… like the person did not shared the programming behind that.

Basically i am searching for the script which gives automatic dimensions from grids… in the forum and the internet there are plenty of post for grid to wall but no solutions for grid to beam and grid to column dimension. Was looking for that. I dont have any experience in programming so looking for help.


There are several useful nodes to automate the dimensioning in the Genius Loci package.
But you will have to compose your own graph or post your attempts (according to the rules of the forum) to get specific help.

@Alban_de_Chasteigner thank you. Was not aware of that package. I will surely come up with some graph using that.