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So I’m trying to accomplish a batch plot with multiple formats and I’ve already found some topics on the forum to dive into.
While trying out some solutions I’m already stuck on trying to plot 1 pdf…
I have no idea what’s wrong.

I also have no clue what to do or set for print range.
I tried searching but couldn’t find a very good explanation…

The print range is synonymous with Current View, Visible Area, or Select Views. In this graph your using select, but could use current.

@SeanP I’ve also tried with current but nothing happened

see below link

you can use this file path “C:/Users/Laura.POLO-ARCH/Desktop/TEST.pdf” intead of “C:\Users\Laura.POLO-ARCH\Desktop\TEST.pdf”.

Hi Laura,

Depending who’s node it is, I think there might be a typo… go inside the custom node and line 64… if you see filepath = [filepath] * len(sheets) change it to filePath = [filePath] * len(sheets)

Apologies I’m on a phone :slight_smile:

Hope that help,


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I found that altering the PDF settings in the printer made all the difference when using PDFCreator

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