Pdf printing error


I’m trying to print PDF from dynamo but I have error and I don’t know why :

pdf.dyn (6.0 KB)

I have followed some tips I have found on this forum. but it doesn’t work with my script. Can I have some help please ?

Ok, a couple of things you need to change…

  1. Set the Print Range Node to Select. That should get rid of your first error…

  2. Use the ‘Get Views from View Set’ node instead of the View.GetViewport node, this will get rid of the next error you will get.

I have also found that you need to change a couple of thing in the PDF printer setting to get it running smoothly, without having a save prompt, but this will be a matter of running it and seeing what else you need.

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Thank you ! Printing works but now, I always have a fatal error after getting my pdf (automatically saved).

I’m working with REVIT 2017.1 and dynamo

I have find the problem.
I have forgotten to uncheck “see pdf after plot” into pdf creator option.

Hi. Getting “deprecated” nodes from archilab, which I have installed the last version. Anyone wondering why?

Got it. Need to replace them by the new ones in Archilab.