Print PDF fromm DYN and How to make one index with multiple lists?


I need to make a file name with several parameters names and im not sure how to do it.

I have 9 parameters that i need to join and so just 1 index for the file name.

anybody can tell me?

My other problem is that im trying to print the pdf’s and the first time worked and then nothing!
@Alban_de_Chasteigner im using Genius Loci, maybe can you help me a bit?

Thanks a lot guys!!

test pdf_2021-09-02_06-30-14|690x347

Do you need the values to name the pdf? Is that correct? If it is the case try to make string from the values and use the string concat node to join them.

Yes is actually to name the pdf. I need every parameter one after other with a “_” between them.

It is not the nicest way but…it does the job.

Several options…


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I have print about 150 pdf i want name it all at the sale time. With this options is ok?

P.s.: i think i know how now!! Thanks a lot!!

These are more robust when the list of incoming strings is of undetermined length.
The first is fast, but hen you need to parse out the [ and ’ and any extra spaces.
OptionB is easy to add in the “\” you’ll need for the directories.


Either way you can use lists as well.

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