Very simple task.
I’m getting a series of parameter from the Sheets and another series from Project Information. They are then being concatenated.

Last step is to write the concatenation to a parameter in the Sheets.

The initial list is 13 elements. The same list of Sheets is feed into Element.SetParameterByName but only 1 value is being written

Any idea why i don’t get the values for the entire list?

Thanks for the help

Hello Daniel Hurtubise,

Can I get your files or can you put image of your graph in the post?



File is slightly too big i’d say :slight_smile: but you can get the definition here https://www.dropbox.com/s/45s7x66t6i4s7m7/CSD_Concatonetion_081.dyn?dl=0


Thanks a lot for your help :slight_smile:

Change the lacing of the last node to Longest



Now i feel stupid ahahah

Thanks for the heads up

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Ok, at least i feel much better. This allows me to enter a value in ALL sheets but it enters the same values.

So i’m still not get the individual values assign to each sheets

daniel something like that?


Im gonna say Peter, in that line. Except that at the code block i don’t get a list but a single element.

daniel, as far as i understand andreas is showing exactly that. you have a list of elements (sheets) and “one” suffix to cobine them with - the list.map node


OK, lets see if i got this straight :slight_smile:
1 - Each value is passed through String from Object to be usable in the String.Concat right?

2 - I create a String.Concat with enough string to cover the needed number of parameters. I then assign “_” as the separator and i plug it in each of the string that will require it leaving empty the one where i would have a parameter?

3 - I then create a List.Combine with enough list to accommodate the number of parameters. The Comb is the String.Concat and the rest i plug in each list


That seems to work fine for me :slight_smile:

My last parameter is a project info, therefore it only repeat itself once. I can extract the parameter, pass it to a String from Object. I can also get a List.Count to know how many times it needs to repeat. Just need to know how do i create a list with enough value to pass to the list combine :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the help :slight_smile: