Export To PDF - Expected str, got list

I’m sure this has been answered several times but I’m unable to find the post that gives me what I need. I am creating a script to Export all sheets to DWG and to separate PDF files with the same name as the sheet number. Exporting to DWG works, however in the Print PDF node from archi-lab seems to be my issue. I’ve attached the screenshot of my work. The error is “TypeError: expected str, got list” However, I cannot find which input is expecting a string but getting a list! I’ve highlighted what I think my issue is. But I think I need a second set of eyes.
Additionally, the local printers node doesn’t appear to work, thats why I am using a code block. Most of these printers are universally accepted for my use.
Any help or direction to another forum with the answer would be greatly appreciated.

Try toggling list levels to @L1 until it runs once, then you know which item is the list.

When I set filePath to @L1 ont the Print PDF node, it prints every sheet with each file name. i.e. prints the first sheet with the file name ST-1231, and then the second sheet asking to override and so on, then repeats for the next number ST-1235. Then when it has gone through each sheet and each number it repeats and is stuck in a loop until I force close Revit.

I also tried FileSystem.CombinePath, but when I combine my code block which gets the sheet numbers with my file path, it creates a list with the first item being the file path and the second item being a string of all my sheet numbers separated by a backslash. I can’t get it to combine a filepath with one sheet number and then move the next one for each item.

If you cut and paste the Python node out of the code block and then rewrite, the python node may tell you which line causes the error

Once I sorted out the file name issue, I changed the _views list level to @1 as well as the filepath and was successfull. However, it does ignore the naming and use the default revit name which isn’t much of an issue.

You can also use the Print PDF (multiple formats) node in Genius Loci package.
This is a variant of the Print PDF node. (Thanks to Konrad Sobon for making the original one.)
One of the input is the list of the final PDF names, so it is no longer necessary to rename the PDF files.
It is also possible to vary the printsettings. In any case, the node expects as much printsettings as views.