Print PDF and export DWG same time

Hi all .

I try to write this dynamo for print PDF and export DWG same time .

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Hi @thuanamd,

Please zoom into a single node and use the camera icon in the top right corner to capture your screenshot because your picture isn’t readable.

What is the mistake that you encounter ?

Thanks for viewing .

I resend screenshot for zooming into single group . I use printer name is PDFCreator because it help me to merge all PDF from sheet after being finished .
I edit Python Script of Export CAD to add OUT = 0 first and OUT =1 when done for RunIT of Print PDF ( replace Passthrought ) .
I changed DWG export options Color to TrueColors to avoid making files *.pcd after export DWG .
But I have trouble in Dynamo 2.0.1 . Why is it making duplicate output of Print Setting and Print Range after saving Dynamo file ? Please help me about that .

This problem has already been encountered earlier:

Check that the package archilab is up to date.

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I have already updated package to 2018.13.13 in Revit 2017.2 and Dynamo 2.0.1 . But the problem hasn’t been solved .

Having the same trouble here. Following this topic and hoping for an update!

it worked?

You must wait for an update of the archi-lab package.

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Yes , it worked .But I am waiting for updating some packages to dynamo 2.0.1 . After that , I will upload finished dynamo file .

As anyone been able to successfully accomplish this script?

You can use archilab and Genius Loci packages for this task.
Start a new topic if you encounter errors.

for printing can you use my set of nodes for that

For exporting DWG there is packages for this. In other words, there is no need for coding anything by your selves or having all the troubles doing the coding part.

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