Multiple format print using dynamo to PDF from Revit

Hi! It’s my first time publishing something here :slight_smile: I’m trying to get diffrent Print Settings depending on Parameter Value. (You can see diffrent paper formats) I think the best option would be if/esle but it doesn’t seem to work. Any suggestion guys? :slight_smile:
PS. I belive it’s imporant to say that i wrote a script using help of a Aussie BIM Guru from youtube (Batch Print using Dynamo)

Publish revit file to pdf and dwg.dyn (140.2 KB)


Hi and welcome to the forum!
you have a few options here, but basically you need to match these parameters with the print settings.
If I were about to do it I would probably use Dictionary.ByKeysValues from the strings package:


Hi @viktor_kuzev and thanks for the answer! :slight_smile: So i did what you suggested, but I am worried because it is printing just the one type of paper (in A2). Did I did someting wrong? Thanks in advance!

Hi Maria - my example was just Strings to show how the node works, you will need to do that with with the format parameters that you get from the sheets.
To clarify: The keys of the dictionary are gonna be the unique format parameters that you have. (I believe they are indeed strings/texts in your case)
The values are gonna be the print settings.
And then in searchKey you can plug the result of Element.GetParameterValueByName.
That way for each Format name the dictionary is gonna return a print setting.

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Be sure to have the right format names in the code block input of keys.


Hi @Alban_de_Chasteigner and @viktor_kuzev thank you guys for your help! I am so so happy, it is working :smiley: have a lovely day!