Prep for AU2018 Computational BIM Developer Workshop

For Visual Studio 2017 install on my laptop… do I need only .NET desktop development option, or do I choose perhaps Python development or something else also?


This is really a question for the person running your workshop, not a community at large.

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I actually think it is a pretty good question for the community to see as a whole. There is a big drive from the Dynamo team to further enable users to add functionality to Dynamo via extensions. Many users are going to be beginners at this and it may be there first foray into Visual Studio as well. Thinking out loud, if a new user were to google this same question in the future, they would find themselves on this thread.

@mdhutchinson, that should be enough to get you started, but it would be beneficial to reach out to your specific instructor for the breakout to verify as well. (I do know that the breakouts vary quite a bit. Web dev, beginners, simulation, etc.)


as one of the consuming type in this community, i just love you guys for doing all the development stuff.
its exciting


@john_pierson I disagree. It’s a good question, don’t get me wrong. it’s just asked in a wrong place in my opinion. that’s all. I am not privy to what these workshops are going to be teaching, and no one is other than the person running it. I could have decided that I want to teach everyone how to do some ML and that we will do all that in Python. If that’s the case, then I would ask my participants to get Python development tools installed alongside .net. What about building a simple web app…that’s also doable, perhaps we will need node.js dev tools.

As you can see, it’s impossible for anyone other than the person preparing this workshop to know what the right answer is, hence my desire to take it down.

Find out who is running the workshop, and ask them what you need. Want to share some of that later? Sure, there is a Share section.