Dynamo Development Starter Kit

Hi all,

Just wanted to share a tiny project I developed for the Dynamo Dev Workshop at AEC Hackathon Berlin this past weekend, in order to ease the setup of Dynamo packages.

It is just a Visual Studio Extension containing two project templates (ZeroTouch and Explicit/CustomNodes), making it easier to start a new Dynamo package without all the hassle and overhead of setting up visual studio :slight_smile:

Find out more on the GitHub repo:


Seriously cool stuff Alvaro! Will make development work more accessible for many :slight_smile:


Will this extension work in VS Code? I’m not too familiar with Visual Studio.

Visual Studio Extensions (VSIX) are only meant for Visual Studio as far as I know,
It might be a good time to start with it though :slight_smile: The tutorial used for the Hackathon Workshop can be found on the link below and is a good way to start with ZeroTouch/Custom Nodes development

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Oh I’m a VS Code fanboy for sure. :slight_smile: I’m not sure I could handle the full power of VS.:slight_smile: I’m actually connected with the organizer of the Berlin AEC Hackathon on Linkedin trying to convince him to bring one to Vancouver. I’d certainly be up to supporting it. Glad to hear you had so much success in Berlin.

ZeroTouch nodes and beyond require compiled dlls, so build them you’ll need an IDE like VS. Although there are ways to achieve this on VS Code, I think it will take longer to set it up properly than installing VS 2017 :slight_smile:
It might seem daunting at the beginning, but it’ll become natural by the use and there are tons of references online to help you out.