Python Community Workshop

Dear All,

After a questionnaire that we did for our community we organized this Community Workshop from our upcoming no-profit that would like spread computational knowledge in the AEC industry. Here the link:

We wanted to remind you that we’ll be having our all day Python workshop next Saturday May 11th.

Learning python can really help increase the usefulness of Visual Programming Languages. Sometimes Dynamo can be really frustrating, because you can’t find a node that does what you need. Learning Python would allow you to do almost anything in Dynamo, because you can access the Revit API directly. Writing your own Python nodes is more reliable since you don’t have to download packages, and there is no risk that other users who don’t have the required packages will not be able to run your definition. Learning a scripting language can also improve your understanding of how the built-in Dynamo nodes work, and enable you to create better definitions.

The workshop is led by three members of SFCDUG that have extensive experience using python with Revit. Arman Hadilou is a licensed project architect at WRNS Studio who is using python and other computational design tools to improve project workflows. Danny Bentley and Dennis Eldridge work at SOM in the structural and architectural departments respectively. They’ve both been using python for several years to automate tasks in Revit.

The workshop is intended for users who have little to no python experience. It’s not required, but it would be helpful for users to have some Dynamo or Grasshopper experience. We will begin with an introduction into the basic syntax of python, and introduce the most commonly used features. Then we’ll provide an overview of how to use python to access the Revit API. Finally we’ll bring together everything you’ve learned with a working session in which you’ll use python to build some geometry in Revit.

At the end of the session we’ll give participants a cheat sheet that provides definitions and samples of what was taught. All of the code used in the project is open source and available to participants (or anybody) on our github.

If you’re interested in signing up you can do so on EventBright. If you are a student in the area you can send us your CV and portfolio at for a chance at a free ticket.

We look forward to seeing you soon,



Will this be broadcast, or do we need to go to California to be a part of this event?


At the moment only in SF. But we are working on it, it is not sure. If there are sponsors we would love to share it and recorded. More people can access to this information better it will be.


Here there is the sneak peek :
The recording will be share soon.