Position a column at each wall intersection


I would like to find a solution to place a post at each intersection between the walls of a project.

Do you have a solution or a way to this problem ?

A solution without a package could be perfect.

I’m looking forward to your response.

Thanks ^^

Hi @baptistematthieu,

You could create a script that extracts all walls in your project to get their lines, then you would have to cross-lace these lines with the Geometry.Insersect node.

Now you should have all points where you need columns, now you just need to know which height each column needs and which Family (Assuming you are using Revit) you want to place using the FamilyInstance.ByPoint (and maybe also FamilyInstance.SetRotation) node.

Hello @Daan

This is my script :

Have you got an idea to extend the lines and get the intersection points ?

I have success to create the walls lines but the scipt didn’t detect the intersection points.
Can you help me ?
I upload my Revit test project (2020) and the Dynamo script on a WeTransfer link :

@baptistematthieu if it just points at the end of those basic outer walls can you not use PointAtParameter & place at start/end?

Then use FamilyInstance.ByPoint to place the collumn

Hello @BIM_Level_Tof,

I’m accord with you but here is the result if I do this :

This is due to the wall modelisation. I would like to place colums on the crossing of 2 axes of walls. (on the red arrow). So I extend the “wall lines” to create a crossing point and place a element.

Hi @baptistematthieu

Is this what you want?

Hello @Kulkul,

Yes exactly, the columns shows the location of reinforcement in the corners. :+1:t4:

@baptistematthieu Here is the DYN file Place_R_Wall_intersection(To Baptiste).dyn (128.8 KB)

Don’t forget to mark the post as solved :slight_smile:

Hi @baptistematthieu,

You could also extend the start and end of each curve, you dont need to worry about overlap in this case

Hello again,

@Kulkul, your script works but a project is not just a “simple cube”. I try with some interior walls and the script didn’t work.

I give you my test project and your script with little changes. I thinks the problem goes when I difine the level to use on FamilyInstance.ByPointAndLevel node.

Last point, can you place columns on this type of wall (on the end point) :

Thanks for your help.