Placing columns at grid line intersection

Hi all,
I am very new to dynamo, so I would like to start with something “easy” (if you know how to do so).
I would like to place columns at the intersection of grid lines ( already in the Revit project)
I want then to add (different) columns at every level, reading from an excel file generated from ETABS, but this an another issue.
Fisrt basic attempt was picking grid lines and find intersection points… but it did not work.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance for your help and understanding.



Thanks a lot!! Super!

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I know Vikram_Subbaiah has provided a solution & this has been solved, but I have tried this in Revit 2018 with Dynamo version (i.e current version) & I am having trouble with obtaining the points as the “RemoveIfNot” node only lets me obtain the line properties (i.e. remove if not line) but it does not work (empty list is displayed) when I try remove if not point.
Has anyone else had this issue?

Hi Andy,

I had the same problem, but then I noticed that he had his lacing on the Geometry.Intersect node set to cross product. Try doing the same. I hope it works for you

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Vikram, to go one step further, how to convert point(x=0, y=0, z=0) from the list, into x,y,z values that can be input into point.bycoordinates node? image

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Brilliant! - Thank you Simone!