Populate parameter from excel by key value

I am a brand new Dynamo utilizer. I am trying to figure out how to create a dynamo script to pull room data from an Excel spreadsheet to populate “occupancy” and “department” Identity data in Revit.
I was excited to find what i thought I needed in a tutorial by Archsmarter. (my interpretation attached) and it almost does what I want. But I need the results to be based on the room number, independent of the indices. So a bit more reading and it seems that I need to utilize Dictionaries. but I cant figure out how to incorporate dictionary-type input into my graph.

can anyone recommend a place to start or a good video or two?

It’s simple,
You need

  1. an identifier (something else that matches) (most ideal is the Id or the UniqueId)
  2. a value that goes with it, like the lookup function in Excel.

You can have more than one Dictionary. but keep in mind the identifier.
Then insert a parameter value to lookup, and the corresponding Element will present itself to you to play with.
The Dictionary.ValueAtKey node will do the trick

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