Polysurface.Fillet not as expected

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I seem to have some trouble getting the Polysurface.Fillet functionality to work. I have 2 Polysurface.ByLoft elements joined together by a Surface.Join node. The 2 original elements have 1 common edge.

I don’t know how to get the Polysurface.Fillet node to work. I can plugin the joined Polysurface and a radius Number. I am asked to plugin an edge as wel, but I don’t understand how I can pick the common edge??

Basically I want the 2 Polysurfaces to fillet along their common edge.

Can someone explain me how the Polysurface.Fillet is supposed to work?

I seem to find little documentation on this recent feature…

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Didn’t try to fillet a specific edge.

However, hope it helps.

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To get the common edge, Vertex.AdjacentEdges might come in handy…

Thanks Vikram and Andreas for the reply.

I used the Topology.Edges node together with a List.TakeItems node to isolate the desired edges. I get a yellow warning telling me geometry at the end of blend is too complex (see image attached)




Can something be done about this?

I would like to be able to fillet 2 curvy surfaces together. I know geometrically this is possible, so I assume the math is not yet implemented for fillet to deal with curved surfaces Zach?

BTW Zach, I was a big and longtime fan of your buildz blogspot :slight_smile: I wondered a year ago where you disappeared to :smiley:

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PS: I am modeling an engagement ring for my girlfriend. I would like to 3D print the model and use it to make a mold to cast the gold. Exciting :smiley:

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Have you solved the Problem?

@caixie if you have any issues to related subject please start a new thread. This thread is almost 2 years old.