PolyCurve.Fillet with multi curve input issue

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I have been working on a tool to plot sets of Polycurves that are defined in an Excel Sheet with straight lines coordinates that are a joined by Fillets at there nodes with different radius along the curves. I attached the Excel file and the Dynamo workflow so you can better understand what I am trying to achieve here.

This is working perfectly with one Polycurve but when I feed the PolyCurve.Fillet node with a list of Polycurves I cannot get it to apply the corresponding list of radius properly. I tried many options for Lacing and list structures but no satisfying results…

The concerned Dynamo part is shown in the screenshot below:

Thank you !

Input Data.xlsx (16.5 KB)
Fillet Multi Poly.dyn (209.4 KB)

Welcome to the Dynamo Community @Youman

You mean you managed to get a Polycurve with a different fillet radius at consecutive vertices?

The same Polycurve with varying fillets would be a little more complicated according to me.

fillet.dyn (49.5 KB)

Thank you for your reply and your help @Vikram_Subbaiah
Well I checked again the case with one polycurve and different radius at vertices and it wasn’t working well either. All the radius were the same…
In the meantime I revised my nodes and came with a new solution that is working this time, the idea is to split in half all the segment and then use the Polycurve.Fillet node on pairs of curves and then joined them back. The file is attached below, I switched to your more elegant way of processing the data from Excel :innocent:.
I also had a look at your file :grin:, are you adding 0.001 to the radius value to constantly have a radius even if the input value is R=0 ?
Fillet Multi v2.dyn (55.4 KB) Input Data v2.xlsx (16.7 KB)

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