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Hi, I tried using PolylineExtensions.ObjectByGeometry node from Civil 3D Toolkit 1.0.14 . This node works fine when polycurve created has only x and y co ordinates, if polycurve is created with x,y,z coordinates this node doesn’t work.

In the attached screenshot the elevation input is not given, if elevation input is given for Point.ByCylindiricalCoordinates then PolylineExtensions.ObjectByGeometry doesn’t work

Why it happens so? or is there any error in my programming?

The nodes works fine because it produces a Polyline in AutoCAD which are always planar, not a Polyline 3d.
you may want to use the OOTB node to create a Polyline3d by points.

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Just tried Polyline3D.ByPoints instead of Polycurve.ByPoints and it works fine with warning.

Try Function.Apply, it should get rid of the warning

Hi Paolo, tried using function.apply, It didn’t get rid of the warning, also geometry wasn’t created as object in civil 3d while using Function.apply node.
Find the attached pic

Hi @i51vignesh

You need to Convert To Dynamo Geometry. Use Object.Geometry node. And also make sure you connect the other inputs Layer and Block.

What I meant is that using Function.Apply, Polyline3d.ByPoints executed without warning (which it did even in your image). After that it makes no sense at all calling the PolylineExtensions.ObjectByGeometry. If you care to see the polyline geometry in Dynamo you need to call the Object.Geometry node instead.