Trouble with Polycurves and Object.ByGeometry

Hey all,
New here, excited to be getting started, but I’m already banging my head against the wall. I am using AutocadC3D with Dynamo. Right now I just want to convert the object from a polyline in my drawing (with an arbitrary number of points and a mix of curves and lines) to a polycurve, offset it, and bring that offset line back into the drawing. It seems that the problem is happening between the conversion of a polycurve to an object.bygeometry. Any help would be hugely appreciated. Here is a snip of what I’m trying.


Hi @cpalmerXYFET

Use PolylineExtensions.ObjectGeometry node instead:

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Thank you for your reply! I’m sure that is right but I can’t find that node.

Is there some reason I wouldn’t have PolylineExtensions? I cannot find it in my library or in a search or either my library or dictionary. Maybe I’m just not looking in the right place?

Nevermind, I found it. For posterity, it’s a part of the Civil3DToolkit add-on under the Packages search bar in Dynamo.

Hi @cpalmerXYFET, I have been on several threads about this issue and found your suggestion.One person from other thread suggested clearing the temp folder but I didn’t work.

Your suggestion worked - I used the PolyExtensions. I was able to transfer the geometry from Dynamo to Civil 3D. The problem however is I still get Nulls (Please see green group). Should I be wary of this or be content that I accomplished my goal of transferring geometry from Dynamo to Civil 3D?

PolylineExtensions should create your object directly in C3D. You don’t need an object.bygeometry.

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