Autodesk.AutoCAD.DynamoNodes.Object to Autodesk.AutoCAD.DynamoNodes.Polyline

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I was looking to input the polyline-turned-curve into an offset node, and then repeat that over again through an identical group of nodes, but it seems as if I’m instead inputting an ‘Object’ instead of a ‘Polyline’ or even a ‘Curve’. Any help with converting the object back to a polyline or curve? Or maybe someone has a better solution than what I’m aiming at?

Initially, I thought it was the ‘If’ node that was giving me trouble, but it just turns out that the PolylineExtensions.ObjectByGeometry node doesn’t output a polyline or a curve.

The orange box that starts on the right side of the screen is identical to the ‘Offset polyline from object input’ group.

Hi @mkneadler

Since you already build Polyline with existing geometry use that same to continue your graph:

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It seems as if bypassing the PolylineExtensions node will cause me to lose the ability to specify a layer for the curve, which I need in the program. Is there possibly a different node to use instead?

Node to get Polyline Geometry?

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Perfect, it works where I can still choose the layer if I replace the second Object.Geometry node with the polyline geometry node.