Polyline to FeatureLine

Help me
I am trying to convert Polyline to Featureline with their quotas equals the ground, but I have a hard time working with Polyline in Dynamo.


This should work.

Not sure how you want to select the polylines. I just did it with a select node. But you could do it by layer or however you like.

FeatureLineFromPolyline-ElevFromSurf.dyn (25.4 KB)
Polyline to Featureline.dwg (2.7 MB)

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WOW I was banging my head trying to convert polyline into curve… I didn’t know that Object.Geometry did this function, Thank you very much.

ps. the visualization of your dynamo is different LOL…

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Can you share the dyn and possibly a dwg? I can’t see any node names in the attached image.

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Polyline to Featureline r1.dwg (3.3 MB)

I am doing earthworks with point mesh for solar farms where the north and south slope cannot exceed 15%, and this dynamo is to create the surface that I will compare with the existing terrain

feel dwg already have the point group you just need to select the polylines that will be the edges of the terrain

Not sure what’s going on, but that dyn file is blank when I open it. What errors/issues are you having in the above graph?