3D polylines to Featurelines and labeling

During the Dynamo training it was mentioned to make sure one has a look at this Forum for all its information and tips. Well, while creating my script, I have been a frequent visitor and have used many examples and explanations that are out here. Big thnx to all the contributors.
My trainer @Anton_Huizinga said we should share our own Dyn here as well so we may learn even more. So, my Dynamo adventure till this far.

For my work I get the measured reinstated drain data at the end of the day. Meaning 3D polylines and some lost lines from drains measured by 2 points (thus topcon makes a line). I translate these lines and polylines to Featurelines, give them numbers, labels and leaders with Dynamo right now. Where ever a line crosses the center Alignment it gives a text, where the lines are above or below the Alignment it creates the leader above or below. I am at almost 800 lines now and another 2k will follow.
Not everything works perfect yet, but getting there. From what I have right now, this saves me around 2 hours of work every day for the rest of this project.

Wishlist / Working on

-work out position of leader a little better
-rotate text for crossing Featureline to be aligned with the Featureline
-add styles to Featurelines
-copy 180 viewports to model
-generate amount of sites based on amount of viewports
-select Featurelines in viewport and add to corresponding site
-generate table based on these same Featurlines with length and stylename
-export table to excel and paste them on fixed position in corresponding layout

Had to cram the screenshot a little as it is becoming a little too much.

Anyway, tips, tricks and comments are more then welcome.


Hi @GHuttinga,

Unfortunately the screenshot isn’t easy to follow (the node names get removed when zoomed out too far). Are you willing to post the .dyn file?

I am a “new” registered user, looks like I can not upload my dyn. Could create a wetransfer, but not sure if that work around is allowed.

Yeah I have seen others do that. Whatever you are comfortable with.

See the link below for the dyn-file and a screenshot you can actually read.


The “wetransfer” link has expired, is it possible to re-upload?

I’ll re-upload later this day.

This is the script as it is now.@luisgael.chavez

3D polyline naar Featureline.dyn (588.6 KB)