Polycurve workflow issue

Hi there,

I have been working on a code that works with some curves, joining them into polycurves and working with these polycurves afterwards. This workflow was fully working on DynamoStudio, but when I try to do the exact same thing in Dynamo SandBox or Dynamo/Revit I am finding the following issue:

  • Polycurve is joined correctly with no errors, but when I want to reverse that polycurve or find the closest point from the polycurve to a point, the program deprecates all the curves composing the polycurve but one.

  • I have tried using other nodes, such as Nurbs but (of course) the curve I get is not the original one I had

  • I have also tried converting the original nurbs curves into lines, but that doesn’t make any change to the final result.

  • I have also tried modifying the lacings, levels,… But that is not the case either

I will be really grateful if anyone can give me some light on this.

Please share the dyn needed to reproduce the issue.

Note that there are three segments in the first curve as it was fed three lines.

Hi @aperez_SACO

Try doing Curve.Reverse before Polycurve.ByJoinedCurves.

This works for the reverse operation but is no longer useful for example for Geometry.DistanceTo or Geometry.ClosestPointTo

I can’t really share the file, sorry. Yes, the three segments that compose the polycurve are the ones that I have joined to create it. Usually in Dynamo Studio there is no issue with that, but in this case I really don’t understand why, whenever I try to work with those polylines it deprecates part of it

Personally, I can’t really help without seeing how you got here. I had a few thoughts as to ‘why’ it’s happening (inline points, geometry working ranges), but none of them panned out in my examples. Since I can’t recreate the issue I’m unable to help. :frowning:

Removing all but one of the failing polylines from the file should remove any concerns you have with sharing, and should allow us to see where the issue is.