Polycurve intersect with plane ZX from a coordinate system return Nurbs


I have a strange result from Intersection method from Dynamo. I try to intersect few plane XZ from a list of coordinate system with a polycurve, and return a list with nurbs curves => that is strange because a intersection between a curve and a plan, should be a point (in most cases). In my case, if I create a surface on the planes from Coordinate System and intersect these surface with the polycurve, the result it’s correct, a list a points. You can see these in below picture.

I try to understood why is this error and how to avoid it. Any suggestion is good.

if the polycurve and the plane lie in the same plane - the result will be a curve - I cannot tell which curves you are intersecting from this image.

The polycurve is normal or almost normal on the plane => are not on the same plane.

I just find that the error is from Geometry Working Range: with Medium range works fine, with Large range give errors. I’ll set the working range to Medium.