Points that can be moved by mouse in dynamo?

I was following along this tutorial

AttractorInDynamoTutorial2.dyn (21.2 KB)
and I’m trying to understand what makes it possible to manually move a point around via the mouse in Dynamo model space (not Revit Model Space). How come the red, green, blue axis leaders appear around a point when you highlight a certain point node but not another? Is it possible to manually move around other geometries? or only points? does it have something to do with needing number slider inputs?

If you wanted to move a point in the Revit model, and have your definition…sorry, graph…react accordingly, I might suggest modeling a simple element into the model, to use as the attractor point. Like, 3 circles drawn onto the x y and z planes in the family.

Then, you can select this element, using the select model element node, and get the location of the element to use as your attractor point.

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@daniel.tran You need to have Number Sliders as inputs



Also you need to have the Point.ByCoordinates selected before switching to background preview.

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You don’t need to have sliders as inputs.

You can simply model an element into the project file, select the model element, and get the location. This wil return a point. Your graph will update according to how you move the point.

The element on the right side of the screen is a family instance placed in the project file.

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Mind that for that to work you need to run your graph in “automatic” :slight_smile:

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Only to see updates in real-time.

Graphs with number sliders also need to be run in automatic in order to see real-time updates.

It will “work” in any mode. That is to say, the graph will not fail when in the manual “run” mode.