Points on line generated by points

What am I forgetting here?
I am able to get points to show up on my Line.By Start PointEndPoint and individually add nurbscurve.byPoints (BLUE) but why is it not adding ALL of the curves possible with my Curve.PointsAtEqualASegmentLength (RED) ?

Does it have to do with the Curve.PointsAtEquialSegmentLength ending with Point instead of Point ?

I should be seeing 18 horizontal curves that interest those light blue dots I have on my upper bowl seating there…right?

In other words, why do I not see this happening right now?

Difficult to provide a definite solution in the absence of a file or information regarding the list structures.

However can suggest that you explore one (or more) of the following

  • Lacing
  • List.Map
  • List.Combine
  • Replication Guides in Design Script

List.Map F(x) was my problem

Thanks Vikram