Combine list to divide line

Hi all,
I need some help on a really beginner topic… I need to be able to insert points on lines, but I can’t find a way of doing that in multiple lines. I’m trying to use list.combine to achieve this. Funny enough my nodes are similar to the Prime sample on “Lists of lists”, but are not working on my example. I have the 0.9.1 version installed.



My guess is that I’m a complete noob and am doing it wrong. I’d appreciate some guidance on this.


Hi Tiago,

If your looking to divide line then try this,

Hello Tiago,

Curve.PointAtParameter takes a value between 0 and 1. Try to use PointAtDistance. Also I suggest to use List.Map in stead of combine.

Hey Tiago,


your probly is that you are feeding number greater than 1 to the pointatparameter node. Parameters need to be wethin the [0,1] interval. Think of them as percentages of the total length (0.1 = 10% of total length of the curve).

if 0,3,6 and 9 are lengths, then you should use the pointatdistance node.


Thanks for the comments guys!

The worked really well, lesson learned.