Curve.PointAtParameter on "n" lists with for each "n" different parameter lists

Hi all,

I’m having issues making points on a list of curves . Each curve has a different length. I want the points on the curve to be divided that way that the max distance between each point is i.e. 1500 mm. So in my example curve [0] has points at divisions of 1/21 times the length of the curve.










When performing this with a List.Map node like below, then all possible divisions (21,20,…16) are applied on all 8 curves. In fact it creates some kind of Cross Product laced list. The right list here would be the 0-indexed subist of list 0, 1-indexed sub of list 1, 2-indexed sub of list 2, …



Thanks for your help !






I think this should work with List.Combine, but apparently it doesn’t. Solution is to repeat each curve as many times as it has subdivisions:


Awesome and so obvious :slight_smile:

Thanks Andreas.