Need to create lists that are connected with each other

Hello all,

I have made from these 3 lists (Curve start, equal segments and curve end) a single list by selecting all [0] list with the 3 code blocks in the middle. However i have not only this 1 curve to make a list from. Is there any way to create exactly as much lists as i need to create these points?

Thanks in advance!

the first and last point are in your segmentation

no they are not, i have only my middle points, for example a line of 60m. divided in 15m. between each points has 5 lines. 1 startpoint, 3 middle points and 1 last point.

is that what you want?

He wants to use segment lengths as that uses a consistent distance along the curve between lengths. Curve parameterization does not always give a consistent spacing due to the nature of some curves. To test that out draw a nurbs curve through 0,0,0, 9.999,0,0, and 10,0,0. Then get the point at parameters 0…1…#5. You’ll see the spacing between the earlier parameters is much higher than the spacing at the end ones. This is exaggerated if you add more points near 10,0,0 before you get the parameter (say 9.998,0,0).

Try List.AddItemToFront with the List @L2 and the item @L1 to append the start point to the list of middle points. Then use a List.AddItemToEnd with the List @L2 and the item @L1 to append the end point to the list of start and middle points.

That can be reduced to a single code block if desired.